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Terms of Service

  1. I do not offer REFUNDS, in some cases please contact Nessy if something is wrong.
  2. NEW - You can use ALL MY ASSETS on Free, Public, Nitro, and Commercial completed models only!
  3. Do NOT claim as yours, give my assets out, resell, etc.
  4. DO NOT Convert my mesh for any other game besides VRCHAT.
  5. DO NOT commission/replicate ANY OF MY WORK. I reserve the right to my character designs and to block/take any legal action wherever necessary.
  6. If you do not correctly fill out your vrchat name and discord user at checkout you're violating Nessy TOS.


  1.  no; leaking, trading, friend uploads, or price splitting, etc.
  2. DO NOT upload publicly, these models are for private use only. 
  3.  I DO NOT ALLOW ASSET FARMING. Taking parts from and put on your own model is n o t a l l o w e d.

If banned from Nescord you have no rights to my products and I will take actions against your accounts, before ban has been placed you will be contacted beforehand.

  • updated 06/09/2023

Contact Nessy!

Feel as if you're wrongfully banned from Nescord, Nessy's Avatar server?

Shoot me a email and we can talk about how to get that ban revoked.