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If you are having issues read through this page to possibly answer your questions :3 THANK YOU!


Q: Im having issues w/ your hair!

I've made a video on exactly how I personally put on hair in blender, pls follow the video EXACTLY how its shown!


TRY NOT TO MERGE ARMETURES WITH CATS. Please follow the video linked above.

Cats is very known to break most of my hair, placing manually is the best way to go about putting on hair made by me.

common issues:

  1. messed up weightpaint/stretchy movement? might be issue with bones being named the same OR error on how you put on the hair.
  2. hair not moving with head after following the video? make sure you parented the HAIR ROOT to HEAD
  3. hair not connecting? again follow the video EXACTLY, if you merge with cats it will break my hair.

+ more questions

Question; Can I purchase ___ model, it was taken down from your store?

A; No, it was probably taken down for a reason and is unavailable rn. (most likely broken from updates)

Question; What head do you use on your personals? What outfit is this? Etc.

A; Extremely old TDA head that's been completely remade/retextured/reuv’d by me, no it is not available and will never be. Outfits I find scrolling through servers haha just look for it

Question; Do you do uploads? or does the purchase I made show up in my quest library?

A; No and No, to use my products you have to have a PC and access to unity/blender. or you can ask a friend to upload for you just open a support ticket

Question; My purchase won't go through? Is your payhip down?

A; Sometimes international customers do have to approve from their bank to purchase! Try contacting them first. MOST COMMON way to fix is switching your browser to a different one.

Question; Can I purchase through dms? Cashapp, Paypal, etc?

A; No. For the safety of my business I ONLY do business through payhip.

Question; I want to purchase as a gift, but no gifting option?

A; Put the info of the person wearing the product in the blanks instead of yours! If you do this please open a support ticket and let me know.

Question; Can I use your edit from ___ (taking parts from my commercial model)? A; No. Please purchase the original product and edit/texture yourself.

Question; I can't find my old purchase from you?

A; All download links are sent to the email you paid with! Just search "Nessy" in the search bar and you'll probably find it! (cant find it still? open a #support ticket in nescord with your email)

Question; Can I showcase my product on your model?

A; Sure, just credit my store link in your post.

Question; Can I use your products for my stream/content?

A; Yes! Please credit me correctly when asked about where the model is from.

Question; Can a friend upload for me?

A; Open a support ticket and we can talk about it!


A; for the sake of my business I keep my strand and stuff to myself haha, but if you really wanna know how I learned how to make hair I literally searched “how to make hair blender” on YouTube!

Unity Questions

Materials are pink??

If you're using a different version of POIYOMI manually change the shader to poi where it says (shader error/hidden).

Blueprint ERROR "Uh oh! Something went wrong."

Your blueprint is still detached and needs to be unattached. Reference this video for how to remove!

Red ERROR BAR at bottom?

If so, you have imported something improperly or something is out of date.

Meaning fresh unity package, NEWEST SDK, your version of Poi, DPS most updated package. Common errors can happen if you are using OLD versions of them.

My unity crashes right when I upload or doesn't finish uploading?

Top reason is your SDK3 is outdated. Download a new one here, delete the SDK3 folder in your unity, SAVE AND CLOSE, reopen the unity package and drag in newest download of SDK3.

Question; I can’t afford to buy your products, but I’d really like one.. I found one on a website for free..

I get stuff is expensive. Coming from a childhood of being so broke I didn’t know when I was eating, living on 10$ I understand times are hard.

There are TONS of BEAUTIFUL FREE avatars out there. scroll down and there is a link to a pdf with literal organized hyperlinks to most of them. Buying avatars/assets are a want, not a need.

Remember that this is my job, purchasing helps me keep a roof over my head and every time someone leaks or rips they take money I need for my general health, gas for my car and food.

Side info - why I do this as a job? My family has many health issues. Having a full time job as a creator allows me to be there when they need me, be on call 24/7 incase of an emergency. Especially with my grandmother currently being blind and younger sister who’s barley going to middle school. Picking my grandfather up off the floor from throwing up blood to the day he passed away. I was able to be there for my family everyday. With a normal job I wouldn’t have been able to do that, to be there for my family is why I do what I do.

Getting back to the topic, I’m not a asshole. I’m OVERLY forgiving and pretty understanding. If you can’t afford, before you use that leaked/stolen version why not message me.

We can talk about it, I promise I will not get mad at you haha.

Here's some places to get FREE stuff that has consent from creators/is legal use! <3