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Azura Head by NESSY!
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From scratch, by Nessy! 


  • 11,000 Polys (17K with Metals), / 2-3 Materials
  • 95+ Customizable Blendshapes, 9 Preset Facial Expressions
  • Fully 3D mesh + 2D Lashes (comes with 11 transparent Lash Textures)
  • Hand drawn customizable base texture that includes 15 skin tones!

+ BONUS Kitsune Textures, Freckle Textures!

  • Includes 8 premade masks (yes glitter mask is there <33)

- Ears (14K Polys, 3 materials) UV Mapped to:

1x1 Textures by WetCat#6969 / Hair Texture Pack Free by Cicieaaa#7777

- Eyes Info - UV MAPPED TO KRI EYE TEXTURES 100000X recommend using their beautiful and FREE. i suck at eye textures pls i beg use them their AMAZIGNRNWGRQHB#NJK


  1. COMPLETED Commercial, Personal, Free, Nitro and public models use is totally fine :3
  2. Dnt give this mesh out by itself/resell by itself & dnt claim my work pls haha
  3. Credit me properly please! "Head by Nessy!#7402" hyperlinks are appreciated <33333

NessyVR TOS applies to this product.

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (86B)
  • ZIP (79MB)

LashPack V2 by Nessy! (TRANSPARENT)


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