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HB Set by Nessy!

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hair by DELOR! receive 25% off when purchasing his hair FIRST, code is in CT download!

(code in hair download if already pre-purchased)

Weighted to ACE BASE

How to pose assets to fit on arms:

  1. click on clothing armature.
  2. press pose mode in cats or pose under edit mode. (see picture below)
  3. rotate arm bones to match model arms, if clothes do not move make sure slot is on the correct armature (see picture below)
  4. press apply rest pose in cats.

From Scratch, 25K polys 4 materials total

  • BaggyPants - 14K Polys 2 Materials
  • Cutoff Jacket - 5K Polys 1 Material
  • Flannel - 5K Polys 1 Material


T O S :

  1. COMPLETED Commercial, Personal, Free, Nitro and public models use is totally fine :3
  2. Dnt give this mesh out by itself/resell by itself & dnt claim my work pls haha
  3. Credit me properly please! "___ by Nessy!#7402" hyperlinks are appreciated <33333


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