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KAILI by Nessy! SPS/GOGO - (pc only)

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by the WONDERFUL @theLemonRolls !

instructions further down

toggles for:

  • all meshes on the model
  • skin swaps, full hue shift.
  • species choices! (Oni, Kitsune, Leopard)
  • soft blinking animation
  • contacts for the eyes/headpat with headpat particles.
  • sps variant
  • gogo loco wooooooooooooooooooo
  • 2 pairs of heels and flat feet when toggled off ! (wasn't shown in the toggle showcase)

instructions IN ORDER:

  1. unity current version: 2022.3.6f1
  2. vrchat creator companion download here
  3. sps get here
  4. vrcfury download here
  5. poiyomi toon shader version 7.3.50 to 8.1.167 download here
  6. Xiexes unity shader get here!!
  7. Kaili by nessy! package <3

Need someone to upload for you? Nescord has a dedicated staff member that does uploads for 5$ !!

All you need is to purchase Kaili by Nessy! and open a #upload-request ticket with your receipt and 5$ <3


DO NOT reuse any of my edits of anything listed below please <3

Body, heels 2 VENUS sanya cosmos / HAIR TEXTURE PACK FREE BY CICIEAAA#7777 / Amelia by Sivka / Eyes by Fair / Face Text by Miing Body Texture by Yiing / Heart particles by Kisu☆s PixelTopia / Slow blink animation by Cam / SPS by wholesome / Unity Work - Krisandra / Original Character Concept - SiriSocial / Original Character Concept - Luthyen index gestures by ariel avatars / Xiexe's Unity Shaders / tounge by eggly / hair rigging by SHU

Models @daddyissuez and @daddysenpai

ALL OTHER/NOT LISTED is by Nessy! and will be available next WEEK <3 this means pls do not pull stuff off the model hgahahhahahahahahahahhahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

YES SHE IS THICCC IN HER STATS ok, but before you judge the bone count you cannot TELL ME the all the movement on her isn't GORGEOUS. *insert woody sticker*

You will get the following files:
  • PNG (162KB)


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